Marilyn Deering has been providing quality interior design solutions for clients in the greater Seattle area for many years. Her experience includes a wide range of project types, from large corporate offices and retail, to private homes. Starting out with educational degrees in psychology, visual art, and interior design, she has always had a strong conviction to better people’s lives by bringing humanistically smart design to where we live and work. While working for some of the major architectural firms in Seattle, she honed her skills in design, project management, and client service.

Committed to integrity in design and client service, Marilyn strives to be a trusted consultant providing informed, high-value options, then guiding clients through the decision process. She has a strong collaborative relationship with her clients which frequently extends to include a team of architects, contractors, and craftspeople. Her communication style is honest, her methods are organized, and she creates thoughtful interiors customized to her clients’ budget and unique style.

Principal, Interior Designer

Marilyn Deering